Universal Mindfulness for Parents

We offer Mindfulness  Workshops  or 1-1 sessions to help with any concerns or issues that you are facing as a parent. Whether you are concerned that your teenager is not communicating like they used to or would like some coping strategies to deal with new situations,  we can help.

Mindful Parenting Workshop

Being a parent is an incredible experience but it can also be stressful trying to juggle children with other priorities. Do you wish you had the skills to help your child who is feeling sad or anxious. Would you like to learn techniques to support your child in a variety of situations such as exam stress or making new friends? Does your child have special learning needs or do they lack self esteem?

Our Mindful Parenting Workshop will introduce you to useful NLP  and mindfulness tools and techniques to help you:-

  • Improve communication with your child
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Understand worries and anxieties and how to deal with them
  • Changing negatives to positives
  • Dealing with conflict and finding a voice
  • Managing technology rather than letting technology manage us
  • Develop resilience and self-belief.

Parents who practice being mindful say that both they and their children feel happier, calmer, less stressed and healthier.


Back to Work 

If you have taken time out of the workplace to raise a family, it might seem like a daunting task to look for a job. Where do you start and what skills can you offer a prospective employer? We offer 1-1 support or group workshops to give you the tools and techniques to find the right job for you.

Topics focus on

  • Building self belief and internal confidence
  • Presentation and interview skills
  • Positive reframe & outcome thinking
  • How to organise and delegate effectively
  • Effective communication kills


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