Universal Mindfulness for Children

Our ‘Marvellous Mindful Me’ kids camps benefit children by helping them discover the best about themselves and appreciate their own uniqueness through a life changing process. The workshops are geared to help children develop the emotional intelligence skills to cope with fears and anxieties, improve communication and increase self confidence.

Using proven self-assertion and NLP techniques and exercises, our fun and engaging camps include:-

  • Tools  for building self-belief, confidence and positive thinking
  • Knowledge and understanding of how our brains work, and work for us
  • How to manage stress and anxiety
  • A brain gym developing techniques to promote happy learning
  • Valuing and understanding yourself
  • Social skill exercises improving interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork and communication games
  • How to develop emotional resilience
  • Improving interactions and affiliations
  • Yoga & Meditation and more


All classes uses a variety of child friendly tools such as cooking, arts & crafts, musical instruments, drama, songs and games.

We currently run these sessions every holiday in various locations as well as in after-school clubs in many state and private schools across Dorset and Hampshire.

“Our children who have attended the after-school Universal Mindfulness sessions have thrived. At school, we have noticed their self-confidence grow and their positive mental attitude has benefitted friendships as well as learning. I would highly recommend all children to attend these sessions. They are taught valuable life skills to help them manage change and cope with difficult situations through creative, fun and engaging activities.”      Deputy Headteacher

We also offer 1-1 consultations in Wimborne and Bournemouth for children or families.

If you are interested in learning more about Universal Mindfulness for Children or offering our camps at your school,  please  Contact Us.

If you’d like to book your child on to one of our holiday camps, please:-Book online