Universal Mindfulness for Business

We deliver innovative, customised industry specific workshops and learning programmes, providing the necessary Mindfulness and NLP theory, tools and techniques to drive optimum performance.

Our programmes are designed to fit within your company goals and objectives to enhance employee growth, resilience and productivity. With greater insight of emotions and personality types as well as an understanding of how to communicate more effectively, there will be an increase in positivity and well-being in the workplace. Universal Mindfulness for Business is designed to help leaders and employees thrive at work and home.

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We offer a variety of programmes to benefit your business:-

  • Know Your Customer
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Building Successful Teams
  • Sales and Negotiation skills
  • Sales through Service
  • Effective leadership and decision-making skills
  • 5* Customer Service
  • Managing Change
  • Engaging, Managing and Motivating
  • Project & Time Management
  • Communication Training
  • Understanding the VAK in styles of learning
  • Realising your own true potential
  • Multi-Cultural Communication
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media strategies
  • Reducing stress and increasing productivity

We also offer bespoke lunchtime sessions to improve employee well-being inside and outside of work.

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